Company Overview

EON was established in 1998 as Y2k Solutions Africa and has operated in the African market since then.  We have successfully completed projects in more than 15 sub-Saharan countries, although most of our projects have been in South Africa.  We have a proud African heritage and we have proven that we understand the African market extremely well.  Here is a brief view of EON, showing some of the major events in our history:


These are some of the highlights of EON’s existence; we are convinced that there are many more to look forward to in our future.

EON Ethos

As a consulting company, EON's strength originates from the quality of our people and the relationships we build and nurture, by consistently:

  • demonstrating our understanding of the challenges faced by both our clients and our staff
  • providing insights that inspire
  • working with integrity, focus and enthusiasm


Changing the face of consulting by leading the curve


Enabling business to succeed



The EON Effect

We don’t follow recipes – we invent them. Sustainable improvements of utility and infrastructure business  know more...

Infrastructure and Utilities

Create, maintain, and improve infrastructure in Power, Energy, Water, Mining, Transport and Telecommunications. discover more...

EON’s Value

We combine Engineering, ICT and Business thinking to create value in organisations throughout Africa. learn more...