Our Leaders

EON’s leadership team is a dynamic group of people with a passion to make a material difference in the economies we operate in.  EON’s leaders personify our company’s vision by making sure that EON is led with the insight required to stay ahead of the curve.
What does it mean to stay ahead of the curve?  We believe leading the curve means solving problems faster than anyone else, bringing creative solutions to market before anyone else and leading the way in terms of thinking in the industries we operate in.

EON’s Directors are all thought leaders in their respective areas. They provide this thought leadership to every client they serve or any project they are involved with.  Our Directors work with our Subject Matter Experts to deliver specialised, up-to-date solutions to our clients. Please contact any of our Directors and engage with them on any infrastructure-related topic.  If they cannot help you directly, there is definitely someone in EON that can!

The EON Effect

We don’t follow recipes – we invent them. Sustainable improvements of utility and infrastructure business  know more...

Infrastructure and Utilities

Create, maintain, and improve infrastructure in Power, Energy, Water, Mining, Transport and Telecommunications. discover more...

EON’s Value

We combine Engineering, ICT and Business thinking to create value in organisations throughout Africa. learn more...