Black Economic Empowerment Credentials

Our BEE Status

EON Consulting (PTY) Ltd started off as a black empowered South African consultancy back in 1998 and presently enjoys Level 2 BBBEE contributor status.

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EON supports the South African government's strategy to uplift previously disadvantaged people and adheres to its Broad-base Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act 53 of 2003.

Employment Equity

As a black-empowered business, we are advanced in meeting our employment equity targets. Presently, EON's workforce stands at over 100 people, which includes permanent employees as well as associates and contracted personnel.

Preferential Procurement & Enterprise Development

We support some 46 enterprises that are Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) in terms of BBBEE. Our support includes financing as well as skills & knowledge transfer and best practice implementation.

These QSE's have gained exposure to large projects that would otherwise have been out of their reach due to resource and size constraints. A Qualifying Small Enterprise is a business with a turnover between R5 million and R35 million as measured using the QSE Scorecard.

QSEs & QSE Scorecard