EON’s Value Proposition

We believe it is very rare to find a consulting company that delivers real value to clients.  EON is different and we are confident that our clients will attest to this.

The EON Effect is a product of our people, our knowledge and our experience.  Our focused people use pragmatic solutions to provide a value-adding, real service to our clients.

Our service covers the entire spectrum of our clients’ businesses by combining 3 different knowledge areas:

  • We understand our clients’ business perspective.  We have insight at the strategic, tactical and operational levels into their businesses.  We have functional experts in finance, human resources, economics, marketing and customer services that fully understand the business drivers of our clients.
  • EON also has deep engineering capability that gives us the ability to understand our clients’ technical environments.  More importantly, we have developed the ability to interface with the business side of our clients and explain technical solutions or impacts in terms that are understood by the entire business.
  • EON also has a very deep knowledge in Information Technology (IT) and how to implement IT solutions in such a way that it truly meets the business and technical objectives of our clients.  At EON we believe that technology can only enable companies to do things better, it cannot help you do things that you are not able to do without technology.


Our Unique Value Proposition is thus our ability to integrate our in-depth knowledge of Engineering Management, Business/ Management Consulting and Information Technology.  We understand all the aspects of our infrastructure clients; we tie technical, financial, organisational, economic, customer and human aspects together into our pragmatic solutions.

The EON Effect

We don’t follow recipes – we invent them. Sustainable improvements of utility and infrastructure business  know more...

Infrastructure and Utilities

Create, maintain, and improve infrastructure in Power, Energy, Water, Mining, Transport and Telecommunications. discover more...

Company Overview

For nearly 20 years EON Consulting has been helping our clients manage utilities, infrastructure and projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. discover more...