EON Consulting proud sponsors of the national beach volleyball championships.

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The 4th Leg of the EON Consulting - Volleyball South Africa’s (VSA) National Beach Volleyball Championship staged at Durban’s New Beach from 27-29 September 2013.

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EON Beach Volleyball Sponsorship

EON’s involvement with beach volleyball as a sport is no coincidence.  Beach volleyball in South Africa represents our brand exceptionally well.  There are several key features of this sport that incentivise us to be involved with it.

Known Brands – When people talk about beach volleyball they normally associate it with countries like the USA and Brazil – the main places where the sport is played and where the best teams come from.  BUT South Africa’s top team ended 9th in the 2013 World Cup finals hosted in Brazil.  South Africa may not be recognised as a top contender in international beach volleyball yet, but our players can certainly hold their own against the world’s best.  We believe that SA beach volleyball will be able to reach great heights in future with the support of companies like EON.  EON Consulting is also not one of the “Big 5” consulting brands, but did you know that we have one of the largest energy consulting practices in the southern hemisphere?

Pragmatism – If you watch the highlights package of a beach volleyball game on TV, you would be excused to think that big flashy spikes win most of the points.  When you watch an entire match, you quickly realise this is not the case!  Players have to conserve energy and outsmart their opponents by playing a wide variety of pragmatic shots.  More than 60% of beach volleyball points are actually won through clever cut and roll shots, not the big booming spikes.  In very much the same way, we at EON Consulting find that our clients always derive value from our simple and pragmatic recommendations, not only from the huge strategic or revolutionary insights.  We get winning results for our clients by making sure we provide fit-for-purpose recommendations and then executing those recommendations excellently.

Communication – When two people have to cover 64 m2 of sand they have to be perfectly in sync with one another and communicate exceptionally well.  The top teams in beach volleyball have success because they partner well and communicate well.  Players not only have to complement one another from a skills points of view, but they also have to anticipate what their team mate will do, sometimes with very little or no communication.  In the same way EON delivers our best solutions when we partner with our clients to deliver sustainable results.  Our consulting approach is also built on the fact that we have a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses.

Beach Volleyball in Durban

The recent EON Consulting Beach Volleyball Open held in Durban from 27-29 September 2013 was the first volleyball event we sponsored.  We were amazed by the response from the city’s management and their commitment to bringing world class events to Durban.  Partnering with the city to make this event possible was a very empowering experience for EON and we can certainly see why eThekwini is one of the leading metros in South Africa.

The EON Consulting Beach Volleyball Open was hosted on Durban’s New Beach, which was the perfect venue for world class beach volleyball.  The three days had varying weather conditions that tested the players and the organisers alike, but the overall result was brilliant.  The pool rounds were played on Friday 27 September in glorious weather.  Then Saturday provided a real test for everyone with lots of rain and strong winds to keep things interesting.  Sunday proved to be an equally exciting day, with most of the semi-finals played in near perfect conditions.  Later in the day the players where challenged with some fairly strong winds during the finals, but the volleyball was still great!

The women’s final had a bit of “old” versus “new” feel, with the current SA captain’s team playing against the previous captain’s team.  It was a really exciting match with pressure right to the final point, but in the end youth triumphed over experience when the team of Randy Williams and Palesa Sekhonyana beat the team of Judith Augoustides and Kirsten Pocock.

The men’s final could not pitch two better SA teams against each other – our 2012 Olympic team teed off against our 2013 world cup team.  Both teams have made their mark internationally and have shown that, although South Africa is not one of the giants in world beach volleyball, we can certainly hold our own.  These two very evenly-matched teams have met many times before in local competition and this time Jerome Fredericks/Leo Williams had to bend the knee against the Olympians Freedom Chiya and Grant Goldschmidt.

From 11-15 December 2013 the City of Durban will host an international FIVB beach volleyball tournament where our two top ladies’ and men’s teams (most likely the 4 teams mentioned here) will be playing against the world’s best, on home ground for the first time ever.  EON Consulting knows that Durban has the capacity and capability to organise and host this international event successfully.  We also believe our players will go all out to show that we can compete at the highest level.  We are looking forward to the action in December!