Gearing up to enable renewable energy to flourish

on Wednesday, 21 October 2015. Posted in Events and Exhibitions


We live in a country that is grappling with challenges and opportunities around power, energy and electricity, essentially how to keep our economy going and growing through the 21st century. These were the opening words of the AMEU panel discussion chair, Stephen Grootes, on 5 October 2015.

Stephen Grootes was joined by Chris Yelland (energy analyst), Silas Zimu (Special Advisor on Energy in the Presidency), Peggy Drotskie (SA Chamber of Commerce and industry), Dave Long (Business Unity SA) and EON’s Managing Director, Bertha Dlamini.

Their discussion focused on how reliable, sustainable and viable alternative energy sources are and can be for South Africa, particularly pertaining to the financial impact of embedded generation on municipal revenue.

“Change is not coming, it is here already and we need to move fast to create enabling environments to accommodate renewable energy” says Bertha Dlamini about South Africa’s regulations and bylaws that are lagging behind, not enabling renewable energy to flourish. At EON Consulting we have specialist consultants who work hand in hand with our clients to build this environment and to set a platform for our municipalities and country to succeed.

The full panel discussion is available on the AMEU website.