Power, Energy and Water


Energy and water is the life blood of the modern economy and without it almost no development is possible.  EON’s deep competence in the energy and water sectors is a critical enabler for all of the markets we operate in.  We have specialised knowledge of this domain, particularly in electricity, and we can offer strategic and operational advice to any player in the energy market.  We have provided services in all areas of the energy value chain and help clients to maximise their participation in it.

In South Africa and Africa there are huge challenges around energy and water, including the following:

  • Electricity Shortages

    Many African countries are experiencing severe electricity shortages.  We help our clients generate more electricity by optimising their build programmes and by helping them execute mega projects.  We also help them save electricity with alternative solutions that manage the demand side of the energy equation.  We have provided our clients with diverse solutions ranging from research into interesting new concepts and technologies, such as underground coal gasification and smart grid technologies, through mass roll-outs of solar water heating technology, to helping them implement mature technologies such as open cycle gas turbines in an accelerated fashion.

  • Aging Infrastructure

    Power utilities in particular experience great difficulty with aging infrastructure.  This creates unique challenges around the maintenance and refurbishment of the plant.  In any organisation there is a limit to how much money is available for maintenance and refurbishment - money that has to be balanced with the building of new infrastructure.  We have developed sophisticated models to help our clients balance the decisions on how they spend their money to optimise their investment.

  • Skills Development

    High-quality skills are in very short supply and, with the attraction of international opportunities, we don't foresee this problem going away any time soon.  It is critical for organisations to select a consulting partner that understands this challenge and who is committed to helping them develop in-house capability.  EON has developed innovative ways of creating sustainability for our clients through working very closely with their key staff and providing them with focused, high-quality skills development.

  • Macro Economics and Fuel Pricing

    The fluctuating nature of the fuel price makes it difficult for energy companies to plan ahead.  Through EON’s ability to understand macro-economic conditions and link them to elements like production planning or maintenance planning, we have developed predictive models to help our clients plan better.  We also make sure that we link up our insights with our clients’ strategies so that organisations can think clearly about their future.

  • Water

    Water, being an essential and fundamental natural resource, is vital for health, wellbeing and the socio-economic development of SA. South Africa is a water stressed country and the sustainable use of water resources has reached a critical point. Water losses in reticulation systems are a major concern, as is pollution, degradation and water wastage. A response to these challenges is urgently required and range from improved monitoring and measuring, curbing losses, and devising innovative ways to deal with pollution and water-use demands. Supporting water service providers to optimally manage their growth-enabling roles, whilst at the same time winning the race for the eradication of supply and sanitation backlogs, are further critical interventions that need to be facilitated without delay.

EON has proven that we have the required expertise and insight to guide our clients through the unique challenges of the energy and water sectors in Africa.  We deliver services in these areas through our three main business focus areas, Management, ICT and Engineering Consulting.