Infrastructure Banking


As an infrastructure-based business EON’s focus on the banking sector may seem odd at first glance.  What we do for banks explains this apparent disconnect!  When EON advises our banking clients on their funding decisions for large infrastructure projects they trust that our technical, financial, strategic, economic and general business insights into infrastructure will help them make the right decisions.  We have successfully assisted many clients in South Africa and many African countries with developing business cases for various projects and so we have the ability to advise our banking clients on what to look for when making investment decisions.

The typical projects on which we have advised include the following:

  • Fibre Infrastructure

    EON has provided insight and advice on the creation of various types of fibre infrastructure, for instance stringing fibre to overhead power lines, or implementing metro fibre within roads, or blowing fibre into sewerage pipes.

  • Renewable Energy

    The funding of renewable energy projects is a very complicated matter and requires thorough knowledge of renewable technologies.  We have advised our banking clients on their investments in wind, solar and biogas energy.

  • Mobile Infrastructure

    Investment in mobile infrastructure is a critical part of what EON does for our banking clients.  Almost all the ventures into African countries for telecommunications utilities today include a mobile component.  Our ability to understand how the mobile technology links to the fixed-line technologies is particularly helpful for our clients as well as the infrastructure owners.

Infrastructure cannot be created without capital investment and therefore we view our services to the banking sector as a critical enabler for the overall infrastructure market in Africa.  As long as banks have the ability to understand their investment risk in infrastructure they will continue to fund the critical infrastructure projects that Africa needs to compete with the rest of the world.