EON has a very long history in the telecommunications sector and has delivered consulting services to many clients wishing to enter the African telecommunications market.  Our focus within the telecommunications industry is currently not on the technologies used within the sector (although we do understand them very well), but rather on enabling our clients to adopt the right business strategies, the most optimal business models, and to execute their business-critical projects in the fastest and most efficient way.  Because the technology in the telecommunications sector moves so fast, it is critical for telecommunications utilities to execute their projects quickly, correctly and with the knowledge and assurance that they are doing the right things.

Telecommunications is a very wide and complicated industry that requires deep competence in the areas in which you choose to operate.  EON and our strategic partners have knowledge and capability in the following areas:

  • Time to Data

    Making the transition from a minute-based business model to a bytes-based business model is an important strategic contribution we offer to our clients.  There is a fundamental shift in the telecommunications industry to achieve this transition and clients want to understand the implications for their business before they embark on the transition.

  • Mobility

    Mobility is not only something that drives consumer behaviour; it is critical for telecommunications utilities to get right.  Fixed-line operators are being confronted with the harsh reality of losing clients to mobile operators on a huge scale.  Their very existence is therefore linked to how they deal with mobility and whether they deal with it fast enough.

  • Technology Choices

    Technology changes very quickly in the telecommunications industry and therefore these utilities are faced with technology choices much more frequently than in other sectors.  Although EON does not provide services at a technical level, we do understand the telecommunications technologies and their business applications very well.  We have the ability to model the impact of technology choices on our clients’ businesses and can advise them on the appropriate choices to make.

  • Performance Benchmarking

    Benchmarking the performance of a telecommunications utility is not only important but also very challenging because of the highly competitive nature of the industry.  Together with our partners, Africa Analysis, EON is able to provide clients with unique insights into their businesses and to translate these insights into tangible actions. We help them become more efficient and therefore more competitive.

We believe the African telecommunications industry is ready to explode and will enable the African population to bridge the digital divide.  Our focus on the telecommunications sector in Africa is critical for us because it enables our overarching strategic objective of transforming our world in a very tangible way.  Telecommunications has the power to unlock the individual brilliance we know many Africans have.