Transport is a critical enabler for growing economies, either to import goods required to fuel economic growth, or to export goods to world markets.  Transport infrastructure is notoriously poor in Africa and, given the mineral wealth of our continent, transport has a critical role to play in the unlocking of sectors like the mining sector.  Transport is also an important factor within the energy sector – fuels such as coal and gas often need to be transported across long distances to power plants.  Transport provides the links that keep economies together.

The lack of transport infrastructure creates many opportunities but also many challenges for companies that wish to operate in Africa.  The transport services provided by EON generally deal with the following:

  • Infrastructure Creation

    Eon advises on infrastructure creation, in particular long-haul infrastructure via rail or sea.  Since many of these developments are linked to the energy sector, the mining sector, or both, EON can provide clients with a holistic view of their transport infrastructure development.  We have deep skills in the planning and execution of mega infrastructure projects and therefore we help our clients implement these projects successfully.

  • Optimised Infrastructure

    Optimising existing infrastructure is a large part of the work we do in the transport sector.  There are many opportunities to optimise the use of infrastructure in, for example, rail transport and harbour management, particularly if a cross-sectoral view is taken (i.e., linking it to energy or mining, etc.).

  • Business Execution Improvement

    Large transport infrastructure units are usually managed by large utility companies.  EON has developed significant solutions to help transport utilities execute their business better.  We have adopted best practices from other sectors such as energy and telecommunications and customized these solutions for the transport sector.

EON operates in sectors that link very closely with transport and therefore we understand the total value chain of the transport sector.  Our transport sector clients benefit from this insight because we not only offer effective practices from other sectors, we help our transport clients understand how their clients in other sectors operate.