Business Process Engineering Services


The Business Process Engineering Competency Area specialises in creating architectural models of its clients’ business processes, governance, organisation architecture and flow of information. We find and analyse the business requirements to identify and gain a complete understanding of a problem or opportunity. Architectural models provide a frame of reference to allow for effective communication of the necessary changes to be made to address the problem or exploit the opportunity. Our specialists use the following skills and techniques to enable our clients to succeed.

Services offered:

  • EON Consulting is able to realise true value for our clients by addressing the root cause of a problem or exploiting hidden opportunities – we draw on engineering principles and practices to extract and understand our clients’ true needs.

    Needs are translated into requirements that are accurate, understandable and achievable, enabling the design and development of a solution that solves the complete problem.
  • EON Consulting creates business process models and diagrams to allow us to effectively evaluate our clients’ businesses.

    We understand that these models are not the objective, but rather a way to identify deficiencies and opportunities and to explain complex concepts.

    Our aim is to understand our clients’ business with them and to communicate and drive the change that will benefit the business.
  • If you understand how your business works, it is possible to create a structure that executes its processes.

    However, an organisation structure alone will not ensure success. EON focusses on establishing the links between the structure and the business processes, which allows us to define the competencies and skills needed to achieve our clients’ business objectives.
  • Information is consumed, transformed and generated throughout a business, through its processes and by its people. 

    We understand the importance of having massive amounts of information organised and available to the correct resources at the correct time. 

    EON Consulting specialises in creating architectural models that not only show the categorisation and classification of information, but also how it flows between business functions. 

    Through collaboration with our Enterprise Systems Architects we can also show how this information is translated as data across the various repositories and software systems.
  • We firmly believe that software systems should enable a business to succeed, not constrain it. 

    EON shows our clients how their business requirements and processes determine what they need from their IT systems and infrastructure to gain the maximum benefit from their investments.
  • Positive change can only happen when it is part of the way a business works. 

    We help to define the necessary governance, write it into our clients’ business rules, templates and guidelines and set up structures to enforce the new way of working.

    We work with our clients to ensure the change is not just wanted, but realised.
  • We pride ourselves in understanding the full extent of a problem or opportunity. 

    This includes the qualification of why it is a problem or opportunity and what the criteria are for success.

    EON Consulting has the people and knowledge to test and evaluate whether the desired benefit was realised by the introduction of a new solution or change.
  • The development of business processes is a complex endeavour and must be planned and controlled properly. 

    We have significant experience and capability to not only set up a business architecture practice, but also plan, organise and control the development of business requirements, processes, governance and organisation and information architecture. 

    We aim to align and integrate these elements for our clients to ensure that the maximum benefit is realised by keeping the end goal in sight.
  • The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Competency specializes in creating and delivering ECM services that are focused on delivering business solutions targeted at enhancing operational productivity and support innovation across the value chain. This is achieved by reducing redundancy to cut information storage costs, defining common classifications to facilitate shared access, and enhancing operational processes to improve productivity.

    EON provides the following ECM services covering the entire content life cycle from capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivery for the innovative organizations that wish to increase value from their information assets in the best possible way.

    ECM Consulting services:

    • ECM Business Case Development
    • ECM Strategy & Roadmap Development
    • ECM Framework Development
    • ECM Audit and Maturity Assessment
    • ECM Technology/Product Selection Analysis

    ECM Implementation services:

    • Scanning & Imaging
    • Document Management
    • Web Content Management
    • Records Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • ECM Workflow Definition & Enhancement
    • ECM Search
    • CMS Migration and Integration


Once the business change and impact is understood and business applications have been identified, we collaborate with the Enterprise Systems Architecture specialists of EON Consulting to design the complete solution that will realise the change in the business. We also make sure that the true value is unlocked and the desired benefit is realised by validating that the solution satisfies the original expectations.