Engineering Consulting


EON Consulting’s Engineering and Environmental Services Practice provides a team of consulting engineers that specialises in providing support to clients in the energy and environmental fields.

This multidisciplinary team offers a wide range of engineering services. These services are complimented by EON’s Management and ICT Consulting practices to extend far beyond the services offered by a traditional engineering consultancy.  Our aim is to provide professional, effective and sustainable consulting and design services to our clients:

  • In the energy sector we provide services to nuclear power, fossil power, renewable energy and process industries.
  • In the environmental sector, we focus on sustainability and  water resource management.
  • In our multidisciplinary engineering business, we offer engineering management, design and analysis services.

Through our own staff and far-reaching network of corporate partners and professional associates, we provide scalable solutions ensuring that no challenge is too big or too small for us to tackle.

We offer our services as consultants or by executing projects in the environmental and energy sectors, as consulting engineers and engineering consultants.

EON Consulting focuses on infrastructure. As engineers our primary interest is the interaction between energy and the environment.  We are committed to improved operation and efficiency of new and existing plants, both for energy generation, power delivery and effluent and waste management.

We also focus on the development and deployment of clean energy such as renewables and nuclear. We focus on sustainability. We believe that our mission includes the optimisation of designs to ensure that we can use less energy and material to achieve the required results.

We pride ourselves on our technical pedigree, judgment and character along with our ability to both lead and work within large integrated teams.

Services offered:

  • Assets are at the heart of any infrastructure organisation. These assets need to be carefully managed to make sure that the organisation can get the best value from them. EON Consulting’s Asset performance improvement services are a key component of delivering the best possible value from our clients’ assets.

    Services in this area include:
    • Power Station & plant availability improvement programmes
    • Network and plant reliability modelling and optimisation
    • Life cycle planning
    • Investment decision-making
    • Plant performance improvement
    • Root cause/forensic investigation
    • Benchmarking
    • Plant condition assessments
    • Operations integrations
    • Reliability centred and condition-based maintenance
    • Maintenance optimisation
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Emissions control
    • Asset management practice review and improvement.
  • The effective execution of projects is key to the on-going success of infrastructure-based organisations. EON Consulting offers a suite of services that support our clients in the development and execution of projects.

    Services in this area include:

    • Project development
    • Feasibility studies
    • Permitting
    • EPC selection
    • Project management
    • Outage management
    • Project services.

  • We offer a suite of technology assessment and integration services that support our clients when making technology decisions, such as acquiring new assets or integrating new technologies into their current asset base. Our technical skills and experience coupled with our independent perspective give our clients assurance that our assessments are fair and that our proposed solutions will support their operations.

    Services in this area include:

    • Due diligence reviews on behalf of the owner, lender, or buyer
    • Integrated assessments – engineering, operations, maintenance and regulatory
    • Project screening reviews
    • Alternatives analysis and recommendation
    • Operations advisory services
    • Financial analysis of technical alternatives
    • Asset commercial management services.
  • EON offers a comprehensive suite of technical capabilities in the equipment, systems and analysis area.  These are normally specialised services that focus on using our skills and experience to assess our clients’ technology choices and challenges and provide and implement solutions that address them.

    Services in this area include:

    • Specialty engineering and analysis
    • Technology evaluation and selection
    • Commercialisation of new technologies
    • Due diligence for technology investors and venture capital
    • Demonstration testing
    • Performance modelling.
  • The EON Consulting/MPR team is ready to be your nuclear consultancy of choice. Our team has the experience and insights to support you in achieving readiness and qualifying as a preferred vendor to the nuclear programme.  This includes evaluating your present systems and practices against those required in terms of management systems, best practices, safety culture programmes and rigour of commitment.

    Services in this area include:
    • Design
    • Licencing
    • Analysis
    • Project management
    • Quality and safety management
    • Localisation readiness
  • EON's Engineering Consulting Team have a long history of work in power generation. We have worked on all power generaiton technologies used in South Africa. This includes:
    • Coal Fired
    • Gas Fired
    • Hydro
    • Solar Photovoltaic
    • Wind
    • Waste to Energy
    • Nuclear

    Our involvement with power generation stretches over the project lifecycle for project planning and development through implementation and performance of existing assets in operation.  

  • EON Engineering Consultants include professionals involved in the planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance of transmission and distribution facilities, including control automation and protection. 

    EON has worked with both private and public sector energy companies and utilities. We understand the business and technical demands facing the global energy market - increasing regulatory scrutiny, volatility in price and demand, and a growing demand for embedded generation and alternative energy sources.

    Our Teams services apply throughout the asset lifecycle including:

    • system planning and concept and feasibility studies
    • design, High voltage transmission lines and all aspects of distribution from sub-transmission to the last mile.
    • tender preparation and evaluation
    • procurement
    • construction and commissioning, and
    • operations and maintenance support

    In addition, our specialists are often called on to carry out due diligence on  asset and network condition and we act as advisers to asset owners and developers on a range of business issues.

  • Most utilities are provided through local government - either through municipal or city authorities.  EON's Engineering Consulting team focusses on the planning, implementaiotn and improvement of these services.

    Typical assignments include:

    • Planning
      • Developing Comprehensive infrastructure Plans
      • Developing sector master plans for electricity, water and waste water, transport, roads and stormwater, and solid waste services.
    • Project Development
      • Feasibility studies for infrastructure projects
      • Sourcing of funding for infrastructure projects
    • Project implementation
      • Project and programme management and engineering
    • Operations and maintenance
    EON services address the entire project life cycle and extend to cover the whole service delivery life-cycle.
  • The EON Engineering consulting team is truly multidisciplinary.  All applicable engineering disciples are covered within our staff compliment.  This includes
    • Electric Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Chemical or Process Engineers
    • Industrial engineers
    • Electronic or Computer engineers
    • Civil Engineers

    Our Skill sets include the following
    EON has a multidisciplinary skill set in the Engineering and Environmental area:

    • Systems Engineering
    • Process Engineering and plant design
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Control and Instrumentation
    • Mechanical Engineering and component design
    • Pressure equipment
    • Advanced analysis, thermal-hydraulic and structural
    • Environmental science
    • Project Management
    • Programmatic services, quality management


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