Human Capital Management


An organisation’s ability to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in its industry is defined by its people management and retention. ‘People’ are how organisations meet their business objectives, penetrate new markets, and cope with turbulent market changes.

EON’s Human Capital Practice delivers pragmatic high-impact solutions that benefit our clients and enable them to deal with complex organisational change.

Services offered:

Our anchor solution – Change Leadership – enables our clients to transition and traverse complex organisational change, while acquiring new skills and knowledge necessary to embrace and embed institutional transformation.

Using engineering thought principles, our team of experts works hand-in-glove with our clients, from project inception, through change process implementation, including aftercare to deliver pragmatic change management programmes.


Leaders and managers need to be prepared to manage and lead the most valued assets in the business – People. This is both a vocational and personal challenge, requiring individuals to constantly improve their skills base.

With a team of qualified coaches, EON delivers practical and relevant Leadership Coaching programmes that enable various levels of management to address leadership challenges in a pragmatic fashion.

human-capital-management-2Employee Engagement has progressively become a business imperative – internal stakeholders must be connected, engaged and loyal. Our methodologies aim to promote collaborative relationships within our clients’ workforce – our interventions are integrated, we focus on building new relationships, harnessing existing once and emphasize creating opportunities for mutually beneficial engagements.


“The nut and the screw form a perfect combination not because they are different, but because they exactly fit into each other and together can perform a function which neither could perform half or alone or any part of alone” Mary Parker Follett, 1940

human-capital-management-3At EON, we know that Diversity Management is the essence of keeping a workforce and its leadership engaged and aligned to the organisational objectives. Diversity Management play a huge role in building internal brand equity and external competitive advantage. We enable our clients to realise value through effective Diversity Management programmes, designed to address organisational context, especially strategic business objectives, with the ultimate goal to place the right people in the right seats.