Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Services


EON Consulting’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Services Competency approaches our clients’ projects with a two-pronged offering, i.e.:

- We offer unique dedicated PPM competency solutions integrated with elements such as PPM systems, processes, resourcing, etc., related to our clients’ business requirements either by:

  • Creating PPM capability and standardisation deployment within our clients’ organisations, and/or
  • Providing the capacity to manage projects within those organisations across the full project lifecycle.

- We also offer an integrated PPM solution with the other EON Consulting competencies, managing and drawing on their solution strengths and interactions to give our clients the EON Effect.


Project and portfolio Management covering all aspects of project related attributes through the full lifecycle of each project as well as the consolidated management and control of a portfolio of projects.

Critical and important to clients:

Value contribution to a client’s business operations, developments and enhancement through PPM fit for growth approach by EON. This approach will enable the client to not only optimize business operations but will also ensure sustainability and new innovative ways to give agility to more effective deployment of projects.  EON’s capability to better position clients through streamlined programme management techniques and valued practices will also ensure effective portfolio leverage. This portfolio leverage is achieved by risk based initiative funnel management, aligned front-end-loading with business capacity and maturity, resourced based implementation optimisation governance and benefit realisation tracking.

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