The EON Effect

EON enables businesses to succeed – we leave a lasting impression on our clients through the EON Effect. The EON Effect ripples through our clients’ entire businesses, starting with small changes in critical areas, through the organisation to truly empower our clients to maximise their success.

The EON Effect is based on 3 pillars:

  • Developing pragmatic solutions for our clients – anyone can dream up impressive solutions, few can develop solutions that really work.  At EON we pride ourselves in our ability to design practical solutions that actually achieve results.
  • Executing the implementation of solutions better than anyone else – even the best plans are worthless if they are not well executed.  At EON we have built our entire reputation on our ability to execute and deliver results for our clients.
  • Delivering superior quality ensures that our clients remain happy with the work that we do.  Too often, execution sacrifices quality; at EON our values do not allow us to do that!

Why is this necessary and important to us?  The EON Effect is much more than just the positive impact we have on our clients’ businesses.  The EON Effect touches everyone that works at EON, every person we engage with at our clients and, most importantly, every person in South Africa.  This is because we focus our consulting services on companies that create or own and maintain infrastructure – infrastructure creates the platform for providing basic human needs.


Delivering energy or water, providing roads and rail, or establishing modern communication capability is at the heart of what EON does. People that work at EON know that when they switch on the light, or open the tap and fresh water comes out; EON has played some part in making that happen.  The EON Effect is a powerful force and EON is proud to make a difference in everything we touch.  EON will also enable you to succeed and be a part of changing the lives of people.

Infrastructure and Utilities

Create, maintain, and improve infrastructure in Power, Energy, Water, Mining, Transport and Telecommunications. discover more...

Company Overview

For nearly 20 years EON Consulting has been helping our clients manage utilities, infrastructure and projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. discover more...

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