What EON Does

EON provides consulting services that can be broadly grouped under Business/Management Consulting, Information and Communications Technology Consulting and Engineering Management Consulting.  We primarily consult to clients that own, create, operate, manage or fund large infrastructure assets in the following sectors:

energy-and-water infrastructure-banking transport mining telecommunications-1

Infrastructure is the back bone of every society and every economy. It is therefore critically important to ensure that infrastructure is created cost-effectively, managed efficiently and delivers to specification.  EON helps our customers to do this and so much more:

  • We have a deep understanding of all the complexities involved with mega projects, specifically related to projects to build, maintain or improve power stations, dams, high-tech communications networks, long-haul road and railway infrastructure and new mines.  We empower our clients with the capability to execute these mega projects successfully.
  • We also appreciate the massive challenges utility organisations face in managing complex assets distributed over very large geographical areas.  EON has developed methods and tools to help our clients do this effectively.
  • Often infrastructure owners are heavily regulated – government policy has a large impact and influence on infrastructure owners because infrastructure is a means to develop people and economies.  EON understands the unique challenges this places on our clients.
  • The creation of large infrastructure is very costly and carries unique risks.  Our experience in such large projects enables us to provide our clients with the ability to understand their risks and minimise their costs.

EON views infrastructure as a network of assets and users – we add the EON Effect to South Africa by working directly with clients that own, build or operate infrastructure in our chosen sectors, and by working within the value chains upstream or downstream of such organisations.

The EON Effect

We don’t follow recipes – we invent them. Sustainable improvements of utility and infrastructure business  know more...

Company Overview

For nearly 20 years EON Consulting has been helping our clients manage utilities, infrastructure and projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. discover more...

EON’s Value

We combine Engineering, ICT and Business thinking to create value in organisations throughout Africa. learn more...